Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools' Day

Neon Top, People are People
Shorts, Thrifted
Combat Boots, Timberland
Camouflage Cap, Thrifted
About The Look:
I guess, I'll be talking about Summer Fashion the whole summer. Well, what I wore today is a Neon Shirt from People are People. People are People is the cheaper version of Forever 21. Anyways, I paired it up with a thrifted shorts and combat boots from Timberland. To add some twist, I wore camouflage cap which I got it from my uncle and a very old Aviators from my dad. This look is a perfect summer ensemble when you're going out with your friends  or families.

About This Day:
April Fools' Day everyone!! Time flies so fast, its already April, and 28 more to go and its already my 16th  birthday:)!! Advance Happy Birthday to me:)) Anyways, because its the first day of April, I decided to have a photo shoot. I guess I was lucky this time. The whole afternoon was not that hot unlike the past few days. I really had fun. The wind was not that strong, I guess:))lol. Btw, this morning, I checked Bobby Raffin's 2nd to the last blog post, and guess what, I won the Aztec Bag:)) Yehey to me:)) Its the bag I'm dying to have! Its the best birthday gift for me:)) Amazing, right? Well, That's all for today:)) Farewell, guys and see ya' next time:)

Message to Readers:
Hope you liked my latest look and my latest blogpost:)) I also hope that I helped you in being a fashion inspiration. If you have any questions or suggestions, just leave a message below this blog post thank you:)

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