Monday, April 29, 2013

Was Born This Day...

Blue Striped Shirt, Melbourne(Thrifted)
Shorts, Dockers
Sandals, Lacoste

About The Whole Look:
Today, I made a Summer-inspired outfit. I tacked my shirt in with my shorts from Dockers and topped with a blue striped shirt. To make the whole look comfortable, I wore the sandals that my father gave me which he bought it from Lacoste.

About The Whole Photo Shoot/ Day:
Today is actually my birthday, April 29. Before this day could happened, I promised myself that I will have a look on my very special day. And finally, I did it. I really had fun today. Got to celebrate my birthday with my family. I really had fun today. 
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The shoot was kinda hot yet very easy. I finished the shoot maybe half an hour. The pictures turns out so good and very satisfying. 

Thank you for reading my latest blog post:)) watch out for my next blog post:)) see ya' next time guys:)) mwah!
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