Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY Laced Cufflet

Finally, after 987654332 years, I found a way to update my blog:)) Sorry my loyal viewers for keeping you all waiting. So anyways, as you can see, I have a new DIY cufflet:)) The materials I used are just cut off jeans and some extra cloth or fabric I found on my mother's closet:)) Unlike the other cufflets I made from the past, this one has a different lock. What I used here is a flat hook. Actually I really don't know the real name of that hook, so I just called it a flat hook because its flat:))LOL:)) Going back, this cufflet was supposed to be a gift for my friend but then my brother came so he just bought it from me, how awesome is that?:) Well, I have to go to sleep now, need to rest. I just hope you like what I did:)) 

(Shirt, Circus; cufflet, DIY)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Something Good Can Work

Vintage Golf Shirt, Dockers
Checkered shorts, Thrifted
Loafers, Hush Puppies
About the Whole Look:
Because its Summer and also because vintage vibe is getting into me again, I decided to combine the two, Vintage Summer. In this look, I'm wearing a 1980's designed Golf Shirt from Dockers. I paired it and tacked it in with a checkered short. As you can see I'm not wearing any accessories, because its just irritating me, but actually you can add if you like. But remember to limit yourself in wearing accessories because its Summer. A simple watch is big yes for this look:))

About the Whole Photo Shoot:
I guess I'm back as the Rooftop Guy. This was the second part of my currently last photo shoot. At this point I'm really tired, because I did a lot of things before this shoot, like changing new clothes, going to the rooftop, and especially taking photos of myself. Well, at least I enjoyed most of it:)) So, I guess good vibes after all:)

Well, hope you liked my latest look:)) please leave some comments and suggestions:))
Thank you:))

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