Monday, April 29, 2013

Was Born This Day...

Blue Striped Shirt, Melbourne(Thrifted)
Shorts, Dockers
Sandals, Lacoste

About The Whole Look:
Today, I made a Summer-inspired outfit. I tacked my shirt in with my shorts from Dockers and topped with a blue striped shirt. To make the whole look comfortable, I wore the sandals that my father gave me which he bought it from Lacoste.

About The Whole Photo Shoot/ Day:
Today is actually my birthday, April 29. Before this day could happened, I promised myself that I will have a look on my very special day. And finally, I did it. I really had fun today. Got to celebrate my birthday with my family. I really had fun today. 
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The shoot was kinda hot yet very easy. I finished the shoot maybe half an hour. The pictures turns out so good and very satisfying. 

Thank you for reading my latest blog post:)) watch out for my next blog post:)) see ya' next time guys:)) mwah!
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Summer Solstice

Checkered Buttoned Shirt, Guess?
Brown Shirt, Thrifted
Brown Shorts, United Colors of Benetton
Aviators, Ray-Ban
Shoes, Bruno Magli
About The Whole Look:
What I wore on this look, Brown thrifted shirt, Guess? Checkered shirt, paired with a Cropped Brown Shorts. For the accessories, Ray-Ban in aviators and Bruno Magli in shoes. This look is a perfect look for this Summer, Because the colors are not to dark. 

About the whole photo shoot:
This is the second look when I had a photo shoot with my friend in Global City. I called this look Summer Solstice because, this coming Saturday, April 27, there will be a sunset to sunrise concert in Mall of Asia:((( Too bad I can't go. Kind of broke this week:(( I wish there will be someone who's kin enough to give me some tickets:( well anyways....

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

We Are Nowhere And Its Now

Shirt, Thrifted
Knitted Scarf, Thrifted
Shades, Old Navy
About the look:
Well, I totally broke my rules. Wearing shades of black is a big no no for summer because it absorbs light and heat and wearing scarves is so out of season. Anyways, what I'm wearing on this day is a long-sleeved, v-neck shirt paired with a semi-skinny jeans from Penshoppe. For the accessories, I wore a knitted scarf and shades from Old Navy.

About the whole photo shoot:
Well these sets of photos are the second part of our photo shoot. So, everything is almost the same with the my last post. But to make it short, I really had fun on this shoot. Well, my friend is the one who took all the shots:)) special thanks to Leslie Estrera ( follow her on twitter: @LestleCo) for helping me on this shoot:))

Well that's all for this week:)) thank yo for reading my new blog post:)) hope you liked the clothes and the post:)) 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So Here We Are...

Brown Striped Shirt, United Colors OF Benetton
Navy Green Shorts, Thrifted
Boots, Kickers
Aviators, Carrera
About The Look:
I guess I'm back to the vintage vibe again. Well anyways, in this look, I'm wearing a 90's brown striped shirt from United Colors Of Benetton. I actually got this shirt from my dad. I just realized that my dad loves fashion too because of the way he chooses  his clothes back then. Back to the look, I paired the shirt with a Navy green colored shorts. Tacking the shirt in will make the whole outfit more old and classic-looking. 

About The Photo Shoot:
One of my friends invited me to have a photo shoot with her. So this is it. The whole shoot was really fun even though its kind of hot in their place. It really enjoyed everything in the shoot. 

So... the two ladies above are my friends. Btw, the tank top that my friend is wearing is originally a tote bag. She was out of clothes so I suggested that she could have my tote bag and cut it. We actually all thought that, the tote thingy will not work out, but turns out it was more than what we have expected. 

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Drink Milk

Drink Milk Shirt, Penshoppe
Checkered Shirt, Bossini
Old School Sneakers, Vans
Snapbacks, Thrifted
About the Look:

Back to Modern Casual Days. Today I wore a statement hoodie shirt from Penshoppe and topped it with a checkered buttoned shirt. I just love how both of the shirts turn out so well together. To make it more Old School, I wore the old style Vans which is the checkered ones and I also wore a snapback to complete the whole look.

About The Whole Photo Shoot:
My friend and I planned this photo shoot ever since the last week of Feb, and finally the shoot has finally done today. We went to High Street, Global City, Taguig, and we had a photo shoot there. At first it was kinda awkward because a lot of people is looking at us but as we continue doing the shoot, we just ignored the people and have some fun. This is my first look that was shot outdoors. It was really fun having photo shoots outdoors. Hoping that in my next look, I will be shooting outdoors.

Hope you liked my latest look and post:)) if you have any questions or suggestions, don't be afraid to leave your messages below:)) Thank you!

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Denim On Denim

Denim Top, Levi's
Denim Shorts, Thrifted
Aviators, Carrera
Socks, Guess
Dress Shoes, Cole Haan
Coin Necklace, DIY
Cufflets, DIY
Tied Handkerchief, Armando Caruso
Jelly Belt, Thrifted
About This Look:
Denim is very trendy these days and it is so getting into me right now. Because of my love for denim, I made a look wearing denim apparels. I paired my Denim Buttoned Shirt(Levi's) with my Denim Shorts. The whole look made it perfect when I added some touch of browns like the belt and the accessories. The whole Denim ensemble looks so vintage which is my another love. I know that Denim is a set-aside type of look this Summer due to the very hot weather, but I just couldn't help it. I'm really obsessed with denim and that's how I show my love for it:))LOL. 

About The Whole Photo Shoot:
Good thing I was home alone when I had the photo shoot, But too bad, the time when I had the photo shoot was very bad because the Sun was really high and the breeze is very hot. Fortunately, I didn't sweat a lot while doing the shoot. The whole shoot was fine. Almost all the photos were good(hope, you agree with me:D). It was a very fun and quick photo shoot. Btw, in this look, this is finally the time to showcase my DIYs which are the cufflets and the coin necklace. If you saw my last blog pots, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Well, Anyways, that's all for now. Sorry for the late blog post:)) hope you liked my latest look and my latest blog post:)) Please hype my latest look on lookbook:))

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Do It Yourself!

Checkered Shirt, Bossini

Hey Everyone! Here I' am again blogging about a lot of stuff. Okay, I'm not here to blog about a look but instead, I'm here to blog about my DIY accessories. I'm just so proud of myself to tell you everyone that I created some extraordinary things like this:) Anyways, First off is.....

The Brown Julie....WOW!! that's funny, I named my DIY bracelet:))LOL:D So this DIY bracelet was cut from my dad's old jeans.

 I felt really bad while cutting my dad's jeans. Those jeans were bought from United Colors of Benetton which is an expensive boutique. What I like about this bracelet is that, the color is very old which is perfect for a vintage look. 

Next off, is the Ripped Denim Bracelet...

This is my favorite DIY bracelet the fact that its denim and its ripped. Just what I like. I'm really into denim these days. I just love everything about it. So anyways, about the bracelet, the steel button gives a very edgy complement slash look to it.

Finally, my first ever necklace is.....

The Coin Necklace....This necklace is somehow complicated to make but fortunately I pulled it off, so a pat in the back and in the shoulder:))LOL. So the necklace is made up of, obviously, coins. The coin I used in this DIY necklace is the 5cent coin. I used this coin because there's already a hole on it. The base of the whole necklace is a knitted string. Too bad I can't show you closely.

Well, that's all for now guys:)) hope you liked the things I made and also this blog post. Signing off now:)) bye:))

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools' Day

Neon Top, People are People
Shorts, Thrifted
Combat Boots, Timberland
Camouflage Cap, Thrifted
About The Look:
I guess, I'll be talking about Summer Fashion the whole summer. Well, what I wore today is a Neon Shirt from People are People. People are People is the cheaper version of Forever 21. Anyways, I paired it up with a thrifted shorts and combat boots from Timberland. To add some twist, I wore camouflage cap which I got it from my uncle and a very old Aviators from my dad. This look is a perfect summer ensemble when you're going out with your friends  or families.

About This Day:
April Fools' Day everyone!! Time flies so fast, its already April, and 28 more to go and its already my 16th  birthday:)!! Advance Happy Birthday to me:)) Anyways, because its the first day of April, I decided to have a photo shoot. I guess I was lucky this time. The whole afternoon was not that hot unlike the past few days. I really had fun. The wind was not that strong, I guess:))lol. Btw, this morning, I checked Bobby Raffin's 2nd to the last blog post, and guess what, I won the Aztec Bag:)) Yehey to me:)) Its the bag I'm dying to have! Its the best birthday gift for me:)) Amazing, right? Well, That's all for today:)) Farewell, guys and see ya' next time:)

Message to Readers:
Hope you liked my latest look and my latest blogpost:)) I also hope that I helped you in being a fashion inspiration. If you have any questions or suggestions, just leave a message below this blog post thank you:)

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