Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So Here We Are...

Brown Striped Shirt, United Colors OF Benetton
Navy Green Shorts, Thrifted
Boots, Kickers
Aviators, Carrera
About The Look:
I guess I'm back to the vintage vibe again. Well anyways, in this look, I'm wearing a 90's brown striped shirt from United Colors Of Benetton. I actually got this shirt from my dad. I just realized that my dad loves fashion too because of the way he chooses  his clothes back then. Back to the look, I paired the shirt with a Navy green colored shorts. Tacking the shirt in will make the whole outfit more old and classic-looking. 

About The Photo Shoot:
One of my friends invited me to have a photo shoot with her. So this is it. The whole shoot was really fun even though its kind of hot in their place. It really enjoyed everything in the shoot. 

So... the two ladies above are my friends. Btw, the tank top that my friend is wearing is originally a tote bag. She was out of clothes so I suggested that she could have my tote bag and cut it. We actually all thought that, the tote thingy will not work out, but turns out it was more than what we have expected. 

Well, That's all for today. Hope you liked my new blog post. Please leave your suggestions, comments, or messages below:)) Thank you:))

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