Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Do It Yourself!

Checkered Shirt, Bossini

Hey Everyone! Here I' am again blogging about a lot of stuff. Okay, I'm not here to blog about a look but instead, I'm here to blog about my DIY accessories. I'm just so proud of myself to tell you everyone that I created some extraordinary things like this:) Anyways, First off is.....

The Brown Julie....WOW!! that's funny, I named my DIY bracelet:))LOL:D So this DIY bracelet was cut from my dad's old jeans.

 I felt really bad while cutting my dad's jeans. Those jeans were bought from United Colors of Benetton which is an expensive boutique. What I like about this bracelet is that, the color is very old which is perfect for a vintage look. 

Next off, is the Ripped Denim Bracelet...

This is my favorite DIY bracelet the fact that its denim and its ripped. Just what I like. I'm really into denim these days. I just love everything about it. So anyways, about the bracelet, the steel button gives a very edgy complement slash look to it.

Finally, my first ever necklace is.....

The Coin Necklace....This necklace is somehow complicated to make but fortunately I pulled it off, so a pat in the back and in the shoulder:))LOL. So the necklace is made up of, obviously, coins. The coin I used in this DIY necklace is the 5cent coin. I used this coin because there's already a hole on it. The base of the whole necklace is a knitted string. Too bad I can't show you closely.

Well, that's all for now guys:)) hope you liked the things I made and also this blog post. Signing off now:)) bye:))

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