Saturday, April 20, 2013

We Are Nowhere And Its Now

Shirt, Thrifted
Knitted Scarf, Thrifted
Shades, Old Navy
About the look:
Well, I totally broke my rules. Wearing shades of black is a big no no for summer because it absorbs light and heat and wearing scarves is so out of season. Anyways, what I'm wearing on this day is a long-sleeved, v-neck shirt paired with a semi-skinny jeans from Penshoppe. For the accessories, I wore a knitted scarf and shades from Old Navy.

About the whole photo shoot:
Well these sets of photos are the second part of our photo shoot. So, everything is almost the same with the my last post. But to make it short, I really had fun on this shoot. Well, my friend is the one who took all the shots:)) special thanks to Leslie Estrera ( follow her on twitter: @LestleCo) for helping me on this shoot:))

Well that's all for this week:)) thank yo for reading my new blog post:)) hope you liked the clothes and the post:)) 

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