Friday, March 29, 2013

Little Wonders

Blue Checkered Buttoned Shirt, Wrangler 
Shorts, Thrifted
Loafers , Hush Puppies 
Aviators, Ray-Ban
Jelly Belt, Tiendesitas

About The Look:
Summer has finally arrived. To come up with a Summer casual look, I wore a Buttoned Shirt from Wrangler. What I like about this shirt is that, the color and the type of fabric used is perfect for Summer. Anyways, I paired it up with a beige-colored shorts to give complement with the shirt. Besides from Top-siders, Loafers are perfect this Summer, and if you're having some difficulties looking for Loafers, Hush Puppies always have it for you. Going back, To protect my eyes from the bright light of the Sun, I brought Aviators with me. So there you have it, a Perfect Summer Ensemble.

About The Photo Shoot:
Hanged out with my friends today, and decided to have a photo shoot. Asked my friend to bring her camera with her. I really missed having photo shoots. The last time I had one was on the first week of March. Thanks to my wonderful friends. After, spending our whole day in the mall, we decided to go to my friends house and there, the magic happens. I had the photo shoot on their balcony and I guess I'm lucky because I still manage to find light even though its already 6pm when I had the photo shoot. Good thing, I finally updated my blog and my lookbook account:)) 

Message to Readers:
Sorry for the late post, had some technical problems, but fortunately everything is fixed:)) I hope you liked my new look especially this blog post:)) Any questions? leave a comment:)) so happy to interact with you.

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