Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Trial Of The Century

Vintage Buttoned-Shirt, Monte Carlo
 Shoes, Cole Haan
 Teashade Sunglasses, Teen Up
 Hat, Thrift Shop

About the Look:
Found a new shirt from my Parent’s closet. Well, I’m really loving the vibes of these kinds of shirts. Its just getting into me right now. Its comfy, cool, and fun to wear. I paired it up with something skinny like the jeans. Oversized shirts plus skinny jeans or leggings is a perfect ensemble. Btw, learned that new word, “ensemble”. To add some spice to it, I wore this Teashade Sunglasses from Teen Up( Never heard it before) and a fedora hat.

About The Photo Shoot:
I have to get up early just for this shoot. I don’t want others to see me modelling all by myself:))LOL:) So, the shoot was fun:)) All photos turned out so well.

 All in all, major good vibes. Just Kidding, I had a bit problem with the editing:/ hmph, but its not a big deal. 

The photo above is just a test shot that came out so well. I just applied what I saw on the book that I was reading. Just sharing:)) Hope liked the test shot:))
Message to Readers:
I hope you like my new post:))
loving always,
Carlos Panganiban